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​ Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku

Igeta Dental Clinic 

​Dental clinic

General Dentist  GP & Orthodontics


Content of medical treatment

​general dentistry
We deal with general problems and pain in the mouth, such as mussels, periodontal disease, wisdom teeth, gums, dentures, and implants.

The condition of the mouth tends to progress unnoticed, so continuous check-ups are necessary even after treatment. periodicLeaning can also clarify hidden problems, making it possible to give advice and respond early before the situation becomes serious.

tooth restoration recovery
big teethIn the event of missing or missing, a personalized treatment plan is presented. Duration and convenience of treatment, long-term benefits and disadvantages of treatmentConsidering the balance, past treatment history and risk tendency with individual differences, we will discuss the treatment policy while respecting the desired priorities.

​ teeth alignment correction
A healthy set of teeth is essential not only for appearance, but also for healthy eating habits, speech and vocalization. In addition, large disharmony of the alignment of the teeth,It can ruin the natural and well-balanced mouth proportions and affect your mental health.
Overall correction requires a period of 1 to 2 years, but there are cases where a more realistic plan can be proposed by combining partial correction, aligner devices, and other treatment methods.

children's dentistry
In addition to dealing with immediate problems, we would like to follow up on important points with a view to guiding healthy permanent tooth alignment.

whiteningcustom mouthguard
If you are unsatisfied with the effects of simple methods such as self-made sports mouthguard making kits on the market and self-whitening in the store, please contact us.


​clinic information


address 2-15-21 Jiyugaoka, Meguro , Tokyo

phone  03-3718-5715

clinical department General Dentistry Orthodontic Implant

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Closed day   Tueholiday
Consultation hours weekday 9:00~12:00  14:00~18:00
     sat  9:00~12:00 


​ access




Clinic opened in 1965  the name was changed to "Igeta Dental Clinic" due to a change in the owner. We aim to continue to provide accessible and appropriate dental care that meets modern needs.

 Dentist Shigeru Igeta Born in Meguro 

1988 Graduated NIHON University School of Dentistry

Studied at PAUL Orthodontic Center

1995 Japanese Orthodontic Society certified physician

Igeta Dental Clinic, etc.

2008 Opened Igeta Dental Clinic

Hello, this is Shigeru Igeta, a dentist at Igeta Dental Clinic..

I always think about what patients are asking me to do now, and I want to respond to them. If it is clear what you want from the treatment, please tell us clearly. It doesn't matter what. We will try to meet your request as much as possible. I'm not friendly and I can't even say kind words, but I'm always thinking about the people who come to my clinic.

If you look at this, even if I look bad, it's normal.Please rest assured.

endo protaper emax

​treatment example

This is a general treatment example of moderate to severe mussels with bacteria invading the upper left molar and the inner nerve of the tooth. About 4 minutes of 2.5x fast-forward video with the central play (▷) button(no voice)Play

Until the completion of treatment It is a digest of about 60 minutes x 5 times each time.


After removing the metal fillings from the two lower left molars and treating the underlying cavities, we retreated them with durable resin to make them look natural. Click the image and move the white slider (◀▶) in the center left or right to compare before and after treatment. treatment time 80 minutes once

(Left: before treatment Right: after treatment)


It is a type of malocclusion called "open bite" where the front teeth do not mesh at all even if you bite with the back teeth. With orthodontic treatment, all teeth can bite firmly and function soundly.I improved the alignment of my teeth, and then whitened my teeth and gums.(RAW image)

slider(◀▶)Move left or right to compare before and after treatment.

(Left: before treatment Right: after treatment)

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